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  • Voice Lesson Gift Certificate
  • Voice Lesson Gift Certificate

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Gift the Gift of Vocal Empowerment to someone you love!
Initial Lesson/Assessment is 75 to 90 minutes and includes a
BONUS of over $197 worth of training materials including videos, audio downloads, eBooks and more, specialized for your vocal needs!

Pricing Packages from $125-$165/lesson.

Following the initial lesson/assessment, each standard voice lesson is 50 minutes long.

At your first session you will receive:

  • an individualized voice lesson based on what you request in your complementary phone consult with Dot, and how you fill out your questionnaire
  • a vocal assessment which will provide you with clarity and technique for your whole instrument [Mind, Soul, Body]
  • individualized attention and insights about how to integrate your lessons to become a natural singer and not a mechanical one
  • a complementary MP3 recording of your lesson.
  • personalized practice instructions.
  • written materials to read for enrichment purposes [if you choose]
  • an Individualized Vocal Plan designed to help you reach your goals
  • answers to every question you have pertaining to your voice.
  • exercises designed to relieve any vocal issues you might have

Please follow the steps below before making your purchase:

Step 1:  Click here to apply for private study with Dot.
Step 2:  Receive a complementary 10 minute phone consult.
Step 3:  For online lessons, make your payment here to secure your lesson.
Step 4:  Have the recipient fill out the attached questionnaire and call us to set up your lesson time. They may also receive a complementary phone consult as well. 

Please note: We currently have a wait-list, so it may be up to two weeks before you receive a lesson.


Dot’s Voice Studios Voice Lesson

Terms & Agreements

1. If a student is less than 15 minutes late for their lesson and calls, they will only stay for the remainder of their scheduled hour.

2. If a student is more than 15 minutes late and does not call, they will lose their lesson slot and be charged in full for their lesson, plus a $25.00 cancellation fee.

3. Canceled lessons must be rescheduled 24 hours in advance by phone. Lessons canceled at the last minute will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee. (except for unavoidable emergency situations left to Dot's discretion). Last minute cancellations are to be made up within the same week. If you are contagious, please do not attend.

4. No-shows or last minute cancellations not made up within the same week will be charged in full for their slot plus a $25.00 cancellation fee.

5. If student has an unpredictable work schedule, they may schedule their lesson with a question mark. This means if they are unable to attend, they will not be penalized, however, it does not secure their spot. They will be notified if someone wants it.

6. PayPal payments are made to sales@dotsvoicestudios.com.

7. All checks should be made out to Dot Todman. Bounced checks will be charged a $25.00 service fee.

8. Coaching packages are charged at a discounted hourly rate. If at any point, for any reason, coaching is discontinued, client’s refund will be calculated as follows: The hours that client has used will be charged at the normal rate of $165 per 50 minutes.

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