Core Vocal Power

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Build Your Freedom and Confidence & Power.

Includes: eBooks, Audio Programs, Reference Guides, Videos , Workbook, and booklet and ALL FUTURE UPDATES

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  • MIND SOUL VOICE INCLUDES: eBook [61 pages, with full color & diagrams], 6 Workbook Modules which include a Journal, an AudioBook [1hr and 13 minutes] 6 Interactive Videos. 

    This will give you insights on how to build a more confident voice by helping you work through your core issues. It will also help you understand how to find your own authenticity and gain confidence in yourself. You will learn which of the 7 stages of performing you are in, and how to overcome it. There are chapter reflection questions for retention. 

    BREATHE INTO YOUR POWER INCLUDES: eBook [25 pages with full color & diagrams], Audiobook [64 minutes], 2 Reference Guides and 3 Meditation CD's [over 4 hrs] 
    Revolutionary Breathing Program valued at $200.00

    I will show you some very useful ways to connect to your breath and get more support in your voice in all registers, without having to worry about it while you sing. CORE Breathing, helps you balance your mind, soul and body in a way that will prepare you for any performance, and/or challenging life situation. It’s different from other techniques because it’s not just about your lungs and diaphragm - it's the secret sauce behind powerfully connected performers. 

  • CORE VOCAL POWER INCLUDES: 4 Workbook Modules, 6 Interactive Videos, Practicing CORE Vocal Power Audio, 15 Minute Vocal Warm up, 15 Minute Warm up Video
    Learn the C.O.R.E. Formula that has changed thousands of lives. CORE is a structured formula designed to help you gain self mastery. Take your training to a new level of awareness. Watch the video and use the workbook to help you go deeper into your practice routine, getting the most out of 14 Exercises & 56 guidelines.  The downloadable interactive workbook comes with a four week individualized training program, vocal journal and weekly assignments that will give you the structure, confidence and power to master your voice! This package also includes the Deluxe Version of the Practicing CORE Vocal Power CD and Dot's Latest 15 Minute Workout! 

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