CORE Vocal Power Duo

Core Vocal Power

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  • CORE Vocal Power Duo
  • CORE Vocal Power Duo
  • CORE Vocal Power Duo
  • CORE Vocal Power Duo

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This DUO BUNDLE features:
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  • Instructions and tips on how to warm up safely and how to do Dot’s CORE Breathing Exercises

  • A VOCAL TRAINING DOWNLOAD FOR ALL AGES, STYLES AND LEVELS - This audio vocal warm up guide is for male and female voices. It includes a booklet with diagrams to ensure you are doing these exercises correctly. 

    Many singers sound great, but never learn how to connect properly to their support system (CORE). Soon problems start to occur, like vocal nodules. If you ever experience a sore or scratchy throat after a lot of singing, then you probably haven’t learned how to connect and warm-up properly. Even if you’re a screamer or a yeller, there is a way to avoid vocal damage. Dot’s Practicing C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® Audio Lessons (CD) will serve as a foundation for your singing, allowing you to build power and stamina for your singing success. [You may also use the first 24 tracks of this program to cool down as well] Note: This audio program is in the format of .zip, which means you must first download it to a computer before using it on your iPad or iPhone, however, if you install the app iZip on your iPad or iPhone, or 7Zip on windows computers, you will be able to open this product. Email if you have any questions.

    Amongst Many Advantages, Gain:
    - Vocal Stamina & Power
    - Vocal Repair & Damage Prevention
    - Freedom from Anxiety
    - Vocal Confidence
    - Mental Clarity
    - Energy Awareness
    - Increased Vocal Range
    - Vocal Awareness
    - Pitch Accuracy
    - Vocal Longevity
    - Powerful Integrative Breathing techniques
    - A Resonating, Powerful Voice
    - Info on How to Avoid Vocal Blowout...

  • Dot's CORE VOCAL POWER 15 Minute Vocal Workout audio guide includes 3 minutes of breath work, neck, jaw and tongue stretches, lip trills, resonating and interactive tongue twisters and vocal exercises to awaken the voice, build presence, dynamics, connect registers and more.

  • The 15 MINUTE BONUS VIDEO you'll get is to accompany the 15 Minute Vocal Workout audio so you can do the workout along with Dot!