My Teaching Philosophy

Most singers want to expand their vocal range, bridge the gap from chest to head, stabilize their larynx and sing with natural power.

But what’s important to remember is that none of these things can happen unless the conditions within the singer are favorable. In other words, no matter how capable and coordinated your vocal chords are, you cannot show confidence and power unless you do the CORE work first. This is why many talented singers never find success. 

In addition to having a good voice, singers need to have mental clarity and soul connection in order to tell a story and move the audience with their presence. This skill doesn’t only come from practicing scale and songs technically – it comes from working with the entire instrument: The mind, soul and body. That is what CORE Vocal Power®, the system I created is all about. If you are open to it, you receive so much more than a great voice. You receive tools that will assist you in all aspects of your life. You will sing better, speak better and have more clarity and confidence in your life.


Are You Ready to Find Your CORE Voice?

Get vocal training that centers around you: your vocal goals, background, learning style, and ever-evolving talent! 

It’s taken me many years to figure out that to sing with my true voice means understanding how the brain works and how your unique energy is wired. For example, if you are singing a song and your voice likes to go off pitch every time you hit a high E, most coaches would assume it’s because of lack of vocal coordination, imbalanced chords or singing in a different register. This might be true for some people. However, what is being overlooked is that there likely is a core underlying mental/emotional cause that has to do with your unique experience. Perhaps you are afraid of hitting high notes because someone told you that you sound bad singing high. Or maybe your voice cracked when you were nine years old and embarrassed you, so now you lack confidence. If this is the case, your vocal problem won’t go away until you uncover it and/or get connected to yourself in such a way that your new foundation allows you to release it.

This is where I come in.

I can teach you the foundational skills to build a voice that is empowered and cleared from the blocks at a deep level. At first, it requires a little more work because you become more self aware, more self-accepting and in turn, more present. That powerful presence makes any vocal exercise, speech or scene much easier to implement.

If you’ve already developed your powerful presence when we meet, we just fill in the holes and move forward. You learn about what you’re doing right, what to let go of, and what important principles to continue using so you won’t fall into the common traps that so many people do.

What are voice lessons with Dot like?

I do not shape my students into a pre-set mold that says, ‘this is how you ought to sing.’ My gift is that as soon as the singer or speaker opens their mouth, no matter what their vocal challenge is, I can hear their perfected voice. I know what they need to do to develop it and keep it consistent. I address their specific vocal needs and give them the most efficient tools to get there. 

They’re different for everybody because everybody is different! Other coaches focus primarily on vocal technique, which is only scratching the surface.

While I feel that technique is important, I also listen to how my students express themselves and tunes in to their energy. From this information, I use the C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® method that addresses every aspect of the student’s instrument (MIND, SOUL & VOICE). 

During your first lesson, I will consider your goals and explore your voice with a thorough Vocal Assessment. I will then use this information to create an Individualized Vocal Plan to suit your vocal needs. Unlike any other Vocal Coach, I keep immaculate records of every private lesson on file, and will allow you to see your vocal progress in writing and listen to it again, as all lessons are recorded and emailed to you for free. I can also record private sessions on video upon request!

Online Lessons

Do you live far away? Or do you have a busy schedule? It’s okay, I also offer private voice lessons online.

    What You Need:

    1. A reliable Internet connection
    2. A Skype, Google Chat, or FaceTime account
    3. A private space in which you feel comfortable singing

    You will receive: 

    1. Video of your lesson
    2. Individualized vocal plan & practice regimen

    Start your vocal empowerment journey today!

    Please fill out the contact form below or call 310.497.6193 to schedule your complimentary phone consultation.

    Once you have the initial phone session and fill out your vocal questionnaire, I will create an Individualized Vocal Plan for you. 

    Voice lessons can be scheduled at your convenience. Upon your request, your in-person are recorded and emailed to you for free as mp3 files. Similarly, online lessons are recorded and emailed to you as videos. 

    You will be given specific empowering tools to integrate on a daily basis, and your progress will be tracked over the period of your lessons.