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  • Breathe Into Your Power
  • Breathe Into Your Power

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START WITH THIS NEWLY REVISED PROGRAM, formerly known as “Connecting Breath to Soul” and get it into your system!

CONTAINS eBook, Audiobook, 3 CORE Breathing CD's and 2 Reference Guides

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    Learn a natural breathing method that connects you to your soul, moving you beyond the diaphragm, giving you more support in all your voice in all registers, without having to think about it. Overcome nerves, get mental clarity and more confidence. 


    Do you lose your breath when you sing or speak? Suffer from anxiety? Feel a tightness in your chest when you get nervous? Feel like you have a voice that is shaky? 

    Maybe you’ve heard that breathing is important for singing. 

    You may have also heard that most people don’t do it right. 

    I didn’t used to do it right at all. And I was trained in University how to breathe correctly. wasn’t working for me when I needed it most. My voice got shaky when I auditioned and it shrank down to something smaller than it was when I was alone. 

    On top of that, I always felt like I was burning the candle at both ends. I was outputting so much in my life that I was drained energetically, and the idea of breathing from my diaphragm seemed like another chore that simply wasn’t working.  One day, I asked myself, “What if there was a way that I could maximize my stamina and minimize my efforts?”  

    After several years of trial and error and refining the process with myself and my students..I cracked the code!  I learned how to breathe into my Power!

    I will show you some very useful ways to connect to your breath and get more support in your voice in all registers, without having to worry about it while you sing. 

    CORE Breathing, helps you balance your mind, soul and body in a way that will prepare you for any performance, and/or challenging life situation. It’s different from other techniques because it’s not just about your lungs and diaphragm. 

    The exercises I created - now a part of this program changed my life. They’re not hard at all...they just require practice. They require re-wiring of your nervous system. Sound scary? It’s not. This is the first mandatory step to having a really solid, powerful voice. It actually gets your energy balanced properly. That’s the stuff no one wants to talk about, but everybody experiences. When you say you have a frog in your throat, or butterflies in your stomach,  you’re not really talking about frogs and butterflies. You’re talking about how you feel on the inside. 

    When you learn how to BREATHE INTO YOUR POWER, your whole life changes because you feel safe in the world. You feel more connected to your inner peace and clarity, and isn’t that what you need in order to show up powerfully?  I’ve taught thousands of people this method - from singers and speakers and yoga teachers to businessmen, nurses and mothers.  Life is a stage, and the way you use your brain throughout your day will likely be the default to how you use it on stage. You will learn to become aware of how the quality of your breathing in your daily life can effect everything you do - especially expressing your voice. 

    The benefits are unlimited because the CORE breathing will become a natural part of who you are, so you won’t have to change a thing when you sing. You will have access to all of the unlimited power you need within yourself to have more clarity, peace and freedom as a foundation for your empowered voice to emerge. 

    This is the most important training program out of all three, so that’s why I’m including it as a complementary bonus with the MIND SOUL VOICE Beginner's Bundle 


    It's an easy, fast read, but it's packed with important information on how to apply the three step CORE Breathing Process that will open you up to a whole new way of Connecting to yourself and your voice. 


    I personally don’t like reading. I’m an auditory learner, so I decided to make an audiobook of my eBook. To give it a natural feel, I walk you through the exercises as if you’re in a real lesson with me, and I even include banter!

    CORE Breathing Exercises:
    [3 Downloadable CD's with over 4 hours of timed meditation guides]

    These exercises have been over 10 years in development, and I’m proud to say, I’ve seen them change thousands of lives! 

    Once you learn how to do the exercises by reading BREATHE INTO YOUR POWER, You can apply them by listening to the three specialized Audio programs I have created. Each of these Audio programs have binaural beats under the music and are most effective when listened to with headphones. 

    Many of my students loved the breathing but it was hard for them to form a habit, and also time their breathing effectively.  

    Their biggest issue was that they would come to the studio and work with me and feel like they got amazing results when I guided them through the breathing, but once they got on their own, it got harder. I decided to make a way for them to have access to me without coming in to the studio, and to have all of the tools that help overcome negative mind-chatter and other confidence issues. That’s why I created CORE Breathing exercises

    Each program has 3 speeds of breathing: FAST, MEDIUM & SLOW

    CD #1. GROUNDING - helps the performer have better stage presence and get out of their head and connect to themselves and their audience from a much more committed place

    CD #2. CENTERING - helps the performer feel stable, secure and powerful. They learn to feel comfortable in their own skin and replace anxiety with excitement

    CD #3. MAGNETIC POWER - helps the performer to understand how to breathe intentionally and shape the reality they want to experience. 

    Great to listen to when you wake up or before you go to bed. It's helped my students sleep better. You can also use for auditions, job interviews, performances, etc. 

    Reference Guides:

    I made these for people who just don’t like reading, but want a quick overview of how to do this powerful technique and find out why it’s important. I’ve also included application tips. 

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