CORE Breathing Exercises

Dot Todman


  • CORE Breathing Exercises
  • CORE Breathing Exercises
  • CORE Breathing Exercises
  • CORE Breathing Exercises
  • CORE Breathing Exercises
  • CORE Breathing Exercises

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3 Downloadable CD's that include more than 4 hours of breathing and meditation for Singers and Speakers. Click here for sample

Use on your smart phone or computer.



Mental Benefits:

Builds mental clarity. Songs usually last 3-4 minutes. This technique helps you develop the mental discipline so your mind does what you want it to when you sing. Directing energy while breathing (longer than 10 minutes) creates new neural pathways in the brain needed in order to sing freely and connect to your body.

Emotional Benefits:

Eliminates anxiety and stage fright. This breathing lets you stabilize the most important energy center in the body, (heart) which affects all of the other centers when it is unbalanced. As you direct your loving attention into an area that may feel vulnerable, you may shift into a comfortable feeling, which gives your voice the freedom to be open. *Centering is the most important breathing exercise you can do. If you work on balancing this area before you sing, it will make you a stronger person and performer. Grounding helps you to balance all of that energy bouncing around in your head instead of micromanaging, so you can get out of your throat & chest, and sing from your entire body, giving you a star quality presence.

Physical Benefits:

Allows you to sing with more support, presence and confidence

Soothes the nervous system and releases tension from the body

Helps you get in your body and connect to your entire instrument

Increases vitality and boosts energy, distributing oxygen to all cells in body and optimizing brain and organ functions

Strengthens the immune system by helping prevent infection of the lungs

Improves the circulatory system and reduces blood pressure

Helps digestion by massaging the internal organs and the diaphragm

You will also learn:

  • How to MAGNETIZE an AUDIENCE as soon as you walk in!
  • Mental Clarity.
  • Supportive Breathing beyond the diaphragm.
  • Presence.
  • How to access your inner rhythm.
  • Vocal Freedom.
  • Centeredness.

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